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Maintain your new paint for years

- Avoid brush style car washes

- Use lowest possible spray setting on high powered spray car washes and stay about 2 feet away

- Do not wash your car in the sun: water magnifies the sun’s intensity and can cause water spots

- Avoid gravel roads for 30 days

- Chipping occurs easily if the finish is not cured

- Wash your vehicle after driving on roads using chemical or salt to thaw ice

-Do not wax a new finish for 30 to 45 days

- Avoid direct sunlight

- Stay away from the areas that you don’t want the wax to come in contact with, such as rubber surfaces, moldings and bumpers

- Carefully follow the directions on the packaging of the wax

- Only use wax that is safe for a vehicle’s refinish

- In hot weather, gently wash away dirt, bugs, and debris from the front of the radiator with a brush or a garden hose

- If your vehicle is not running correctly bring it in for an inspection. Early diagnosis saves you money.

- Perform oil and filter changes according to manufacturer’s specifications (approximately every 3000 miles)

- Fuel filters need to be replaced on a regular basis

- Have your belts hoses and fluids checked on the onset of the hot and cold season

- Use cleaners designed for automotive finishes

- Clean inside wheel wells and surrounding areas

- Clean the tires and the wheels, dust and salt can cause corrosion

- Check tire inflation once a month (underinflated tires means increased fuel consumption)

- Rotate tires every 5,000 miles

- Inspect the tire tread regularly, bring in vehicle if tire wear is uneven

- Replace your windshield wipers once a year

- Lubricate door hinges/latches and hood hinges periodically

- Do not place objects anywhere on your vehicle’s finish

- Align your vehicle twice a year or every third oil change

- Have your vehicle aligned after buying new tires

- Avoid parking under trees

- Remove leaves that fall on your vehicle

- Use hot soapy water to remove tree sap or pine pitch from your vehicle

- Wash thoroughly and then wax

- Avoid spilling any automotive fluids on your vehicle’s finish, if you do, rinse the affected area immediately

- Use the “fresh air” setting rather than “recirculate” to reduce fogging of your windows

Our team is always here to answer your questions about your new paint.


Ensure your car keeps that brand-new look for years


Washing Your New Finish

Maintaining your New Finish

Waxing Your Vehicle

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Washing Your Vehicle

Maintaining Your Wheels

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