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When you've been in an accident...

For your convenience, print the information on this page and keep it in a safe place with your registration and proof of insurance (within your vehicle).


If an accident occurs, perform the following steps:


Stop, turn the ignition off, turn your emergency flashers on and remain CALM.


If there are no injuries call law enforcement authorities as needed.


File an official accident report with the police. Report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can obtain an accident report at any police station, fill it out & mail to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Always keep a copy for your records.


If a vehicle is creating a hazardous condition, position it away from oncoming traffic. Burning vehicles should be abandoned.


Do not discuss the circumstances of the accident with anyone except an Officer of the Law or your insurance company representative.


Notify your insurance company immediately. Settling the claim yourself could produce severe future repercussions.

Secure information listed in the “Accident Information Form” on this site.


You should carefully read and fully understand any agreements with towing companies, repair shops or insurance companies before providing written or verbal authorization.


If your vehicle is unsafe to drive, call Moore’s Auto Body at (970) 245-0337, we will tow your vehicle to our facility. If your vehicle is safe to drive, call (970) 245-0337 to set up an appointment for an estimate.


Notify your insurance agent of the accident and that we are going to repair your vehicle.

Obstacles on the Road to Repair

No matter how minor the damage seems, don't let your car go unrepaired. Misaligned vehicles can cause uneven tire wear, leaving you with reduced traction and an unsafe vehicle. Unseen structural damage can make your vehicle unsafe to drive as well. Dents & rust spots always lower the value of your vehicle. In the long run, returning your vehicle to its pre-accident condition is the only way to travel.


When you arrange for a tow, do not allow your vehicle to be towed to a facility you are not familiar with. Do not authorize repairs by signing a towing release unless you have decided to have your car repaired by the facility your vehicle is being towed to.

An accident doesn't mean your life has to come to a

screeching halt.


We fix any car, truck, trailer, or other

vehicle fast!